What Is Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that affects the skin’s sebaceous glands. These glands connect to a hair follicle which opens onto the skin at the pore. The purpose of these glands is to produce an oil called sebum that flows out along the follicle to keep it clean. Failure of this system with blockage leads to accumulation of sebum often with low-grade infection causing the appearance of red inflamed pustules. Often as the acne resolves the individual acne lesion leaves behind scar tissue resulting in the pitted and pockmarked skin typical of acne scarring.

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Active Acne Treatment

Effective treatment of Acne during its active phase often involves a combination of therapies. Proper skin hygiene is important and we can assist with our range of cleansers and masks. Often Doxycycline, Roaccutane or other medications will be prescribed by your GP or Dermatologist. More recently light-based therapies have been found to be effective as an adjunctive therapy.

Acne Scar Treatment

Treat residual scarring left behind from active Acne with our Picosure Laser’s Focus Lens fractionated delivery system. Unlike the Asclepion this laser isn’t designed to transfer heat to the hair follicles themselves. Instead, it stimulates new elastin and collagen fibre to form. The new fibres remodel and smooth the scar tissue and result in reduced pockmarks and smoother skin.

Laser Treatment Of Active Acne

At Bare Again Laser Skin Clinic we use our Asclepion laser to treat active Acne. The laser light from this laser is preferentially absorbed by the pigment of the hair associated with the follicle allowing heat to be selectively applied to the follicle and its associated gland. This heat assists with the clearance of the accumulated Sebum within each individual acne lesion.

In many cases, it is an excellent therapy when used in conjunction with appropriate skincare. It cannot however be used in conjunction with Roaccutane or Doxycycline and these must be stopped before commencing laser-based acne treatments. We would be more than happy to liaise with your treating Doctor to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan.