Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

Stretch marks are often the unwanted side effect of pregnancy, weight loss or rapid growth. As with other scars, the combination of the Picosure Laser and topical skin ointments can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, again this works best in the early stages. Ideally Stratamark topical treatments should be started during pregnancy.

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Scar Treatments

Scars from previous surgery or other injuries can often be unsightly, especially thick red keloid scars, At Bare Again we have a number of treatment options available. Collagen and Elastin remodelling can be stimulated using the Picosure Focus lens array as with other forms of skin rejuvenation. These changes assist in flattening and smoothing the scar tissue. We often also use Strataderm, a topical Silicon treatment in conjunction with the laser. Treatments of the scar are about improvement but not removed and are most effective in the early phases. Old flat white scars will not improve with these treatments.