How Laser Hair Removal Works

All hair removal lasers work in much the same way. The energy from the laser light is absorbed by the pigment of the hair. This generates heat damaging the follicle such that the hair falls out and over time the follicle loses its ability to grow hair. Generally, several treatments are required and after the initial treatment course, additional occasional treatments may still be required.

Though all hair removal lasers operate on the same principle not all hair removal lasers are equal and some are clearly superior to others.

At Bare Again we are only interested in using the very best technologies and products which is why we chose the Asclepion Mediostar Next as our hair removal laser.

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Bare Again is proud to bring this advanced German technology to Adelaide. For men or women, dark or light skin the Asclepion Mediostar Next is the best high power diode laser available and offers many advances in hair removal including;

Multiple Wavelengths: By having multiple wavelengths this laser is able to be used for all skin types and colours. Whilst it's true that darker hair is easier to remove. The Mediostar whit its setting choices can effectively treat paler hair as well.

Faster Treatments: The large size of the treatment hand-piece head allows for faster laser hair removal treatments, this is especially important when treating large areas such as legs or backs.


As discussed above heat is requires for effective hair removal. Treatment is always a balance between applying enough heat to the hair follicle to cause hair loss versus applying too much heat and causing pain and injury.

Many available lasers have integrated cooling in the head of the laser but most use a recirculating fluid which is an expensive consumable. For this reason, the fluids are often not used and instead cold air cooling is applied instead. The problem with this technique is lack of calibration and control of the heat application.

The MedioStar Next however has a chilled metal plate in the head of the laser which carefully controls the heat delivery to optimise results and minimise discomfort.