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Undo That Tattoo…or Redo Something New!

Times change, and so do we. If you’re over your tattoo and want it removed – or reimagined into something new – then let Bare Again Tattoo Removal and Skin Clinic be your first port of call. A leading tattoo fading and removal clinic in Adelaide, our certified laser technicians are also skincare specialists. We use the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology to either remove or replace your existing tattoo.

The Bare Again team has treated over 1,000 tattoos. Every tattoo is different and our experience allows us to tailor the laser settings for optimal results. The correct spot size, boost settings, and frequencies chosen are critical to a successful outcome. There is a lot more to tattoo removal than pointing and firing a laser.

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Consultation. Every laser tattoo removal treatment begins with an analysis of your skin type, tattoo size and location, colour and detail, and the like. From there, your certified laser technician will outline the expected cost, process, and outcome of your treatment.


On the big day, we’ll use our advanced PicoSure laser tattoo removal machine to remove your tattoo slowly but surely. While PicoSure promises a nearly pain-free treatment, we’ll still use our world-class cold air device to minimize discomfort as far as possible.


Your certified laser technician won’t let you leave until you feel calm, confident, and informed when it comes to aftercare! From avoiding sun exposure to keeping the area clean and dry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to protect your skin and promote fast healing. Try not to scratch or pick at the area which can delay the recovery process. We also always recommend vitamin E creams, cold packs, and cool cloths for persistent discomfort. However, ice packs should be used with caution to avoid the dreaded “ice burn”! We also recommend waiting at least 8 weeks in-between treatments.

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