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 As experts in skin care, we know what it takes to develop a treatment and
maintenance regime that suits your unique skin, ensuring you’re ready to face the world – foundation free!

We offer Signature Facials for all skin types and issues, will give you confidence
wherever you go.

 NOTE: All
Bare Again products are vegan and cruelty-free.

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  • Texture Maintenance

    (30 Minute) From $150

    Do you struggle with blocked pores and blemishes, and wish your skin had a smoother appearance? Designed specifically to improve skin tone and texture, Texture Maintenance is a minimally invasive skin treatment and perfect for anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, sunspots, wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Skin O’Clock - Wake up your skin!

    (30 Minute) From $150

    For revitalising and rejuvenating skin therapy, the Skin O’Clock treatment will wake up your skin to give it a much smoother
    texture with a radiant glow. Comprising a combination of microdermabrasion and
    peels, this treatment is suited to most skin types. However, those with hypersensitive skin are advised to consider a gentler treatment. Contact us for recommendations!

  • Clear Skin Facial

    (45 minutes) From $200

    Using a direct high-frequency
    treatment, the Clear Skin Facial promotes healthy cell function to stimulate lasting healing. This is ideal for anyone with acne, and can even be used for the chest and back. With a natural cleansing and antibacterial formula, this treatment addresses existing acne concerns while preventing breakouts, leaving skin visibly healthier after just one session.

  • Hydrate Me Facial

    (30 minutes) From $85

    If your skin has a dull or sunken
    appearance, the Hydrate Me Facial is especially for you! Often, skin looks lacklustre because it isn’t sufficiently hydrated. These facials, suitable for all skin types, integrate our popular Bare Skin Cosmetics Hyaluronic Jelly Mask as part of the treatment. This is a sure-fire way to deliver much-needed moisture to invigorate every cell and make you glow!

  • Skin Esteem Facial

    (30 minutes) From $85

    With The Skin Esteem Facial leaving
    you with softer, smoother, and more supple skin, this treatment has been designed with all skin types in mind. This gentle facial can be tailored for a variety of skin concerns, and incorporates our popular range of Bare Skin
    Cosmetics Jelly Masks to provide you with long-lasting radiance. Because you deserve to love the person in the mirror!

  • Skin Yoga – Skin Needling + Hydrate boost

    (1 hour) From $199

    Skin Yoga is an advanced, minimally invasive skin treatment for most skin types. It can reduce the appearance of blemishes and uneven pigmentation, as
    well as enlarged pores and rough skin. The renewal regime promotes natural healing by shocking the skin into increasing collagen and elastin production. Numbing cream ensures this treatment is as painless as possible.

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